Sunday, August 16, 2009

News of The Rally in Centennial Park

Bash, Debbie and Donna missed the caravan to Atlanta with the Prattville and Wetumpka Tea Party Patriots. We parked at the Airport, jumped on Marta and made it to Centennial Park just in time.

The Health Care Rally was well organized. Every one coming in received an armband so they could get as close to an accurate count as possible. That was a good idea, as the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported 3,000 and there were over 12,000 in attendance.

After finding the Gerritson's, Sullivan's, Pam Burkhardt and her crew, greeting them with a quick hello, Bash, Debbie and I made our way down front and center.

Copy and paste the above into your browser if the link does not work and you should be able to view the event. The duration is a little over 2 hours and well worth watching.

We were armed with our signs, Liberty bells, enthusiasm and determination to learn from others, take what we learn and share in a way that will wake up our Nation to restore it to the form of Government that made America a truly great Nation.

I can't speak for them, but for me, hearing Herman Cain was worth every second. Dick Armey is a true believer in free markets and I was so glad to hear him mention the Mises Institute. I heard others mention the principle of free markets and speak of Hayek, I strongly suggest you read, "The Road to Serfdom". The song "Give Me Back My America" almost moved me to tears. The Doctors, Insurance Commissioner and others on the panel know what they are talking about. They know what it takes for true reform. Tort Reform, open insurance markets across state lines and letting Physicians and patients work out the details of health care on their own. I laughed when one of the speakers told us the story of his father, an opthalmologist in north Alabama would come home with a bag of squash as payment from one of his patients. That is what America is all about. Personal responsibility and using your God given mind to work out solutions that are best for you and your family.

The Patriot movement, whether you are organizing, attending meetings, calling your congressman/woman or writing a check needs to continue to educate and motivate everyone to keep going until we win.
It is not only our right, it is our DUTY to be ever vigilant in keeping our Constitution the ONLY playbook to use when those elected make decisions. If we want change, the only way to make that change is through amendments that have to be approved by 2/3 of the states.

I urge you to continue speaking up and showing up, keep voicing your opinion LOUD and CLEAR as is your first amendment right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Use the internet, listen to the voices of freedom, watch Freedomwatch with Judge Andrew Napolitano on, listen to talk radio, in Montgomery WACV Newstalk 107.9, read the constitution, become so familiar with it you can answer any question, attend the series of Freedom Forums coming your way, March on Washington DC September 12 and if you cannot, sponsor someone you know who is planning to go. Get out there and save America for your children and grandchildren.

We had a true Conservative running for President in 2008 who was ridiculed, ignored and marginalized by those who claim to love freedom and call themselves Conservatives. If every one had been paying attention, Ron Paul, one of the only Congressmen in DC to NEVER vote for anything unconstitutional would be our President. He worked with Ronald Reagan on his first campaign, he has been in the military, he was a successful practicing Obstetrician who refused to accept Medicare/Medicaid and treated those without insurance or means to pay for free. That's health care, that's true free market principles, that's a true statesman. This man has nothing in his past to be ashamed of or try to hide. This man married his College sweetheart, raised five children, practiced Medicine and was elected a Congressman from Texas. This man is a Christian that loves America, the Constitution and unashamedly, despite jeers and disrespect from his fellow congressmen/women for following the Constitution, never falters and never fails. What he has predicted for America economically has come true. He has been a lone voice in the wilderness of the so called conservatives. Look what we have now by failing to be true conservatives and holding our noses, picking the lessor of two evils. Shame on those who fall for this and call others names or try to blame what we have now on those who refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils.

There are others out there with the same principles of Congressman Paul. Rand Paul of Kentucky is running for Congress, Peter Schiff is running to defeat Chris Dodd, Adam Kokesh is running for Congress in New Mexico. These men believe in free markets, fiscal responsibility and limited Government. Don't let them be hidden, ridiculed or shut out of the media again. Let's find those in Alabama with the same ethics and unshakable strength of these men that will always uphold the Constitution and our right to live as free people in the greatest Nation on Earth.

To paraphrase one of the speakers: "We will NOT be quiet, we will NOT be quiet, we will NOT be quiet."

I hope we learn that just because a person calls themselves a Republican does not necessarily make them conservative, or when one labels oneself a Democrat they are not always a socialist. I hope we learn there is no more difference in a lukewarm conservative and a half-hearted liberal, we see the results of what comes of us when we fall for the likes of them.

Use the Constitution as your guide and demand candidates that will uphold it before you try to convince others to vote. It will be difficult and demanding of us, but if we do our duty and stand fast to our convictions we will prevail. We will win and we will restore our Republic.

I hope to see you in DC.

For Liberty,


  1. This is a great post…..probably the best one I’ve seen on this blog up until now.

    Everyone who believes in liberty, freedom, and the US Constitution should read it and send it to everyone on their email list.

    Thanks ever so much for posting it, Donna.

  2. Don,
    Thank you so much for inspiring me with your insight, information and support.

  3. Copying the link in this post and pasting it on my browser didn't work for me.

  4. It appears that the only effective constraint on the exponential growth of government power is a re-confederation of the States to re-adjust the powers of the federal government. The ReddSkye Manifesto, with its 19 Articles of Re-confederation, offers an approach. Review the Manifesto and voice your opinion. You will be glad you did. Our government will be the better for it.

  5. Ultimately, all we want to do is keep America strong, keep our liberty’s and Save The Republic.

    Please join us! Be A Liberty Chick....Be A Liberty Dude....Be a Liberty Kid!

    Be A Voice for Freedom!



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