Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Rally at Overlook Park

This event was a rousing success by every measure of the word. New estimates have the crowd at well above 500, we had many people sign the petitions, flag and volunteer their time. I have already emailed a couple of volunteers that gave me their contact information yesterday.

The group assembled at Overlook Park yesterday are the Patriots that will act. They gave up a few hours of their holiday to sit in the heat. They could have been at the beach, river, lake, poolside, BBQ, or simply "having a cold one" on their holiday. The fact that they did not choose the easy way, but rallied along side one another out of concern for our Nation tells me that they will not be swayed. They will not give in to political, social or uneducated pressure. They will not be swayed by a pretty facade or those who would use them for a photo opportunity. They will be there to protest and boycott or support as the need arises. This is our base of those willing to suffer hardships. Many will give up their lives and/or livelihoods to secure a free Nation for their progeny. They supported us yesterday with their time, financial means and intent to action.

We will work together to continue this uphill battle for our rights, financial stability and national sovereignty.

Our deep and heart felt appreciation goes out to Dr. Sam, Greg, Kevin, George, Bart, Becky and Tom for offering their time, it is invaluable aid for the Patriots.

Bash, Carol, Debbie (we missed you terribly), Lori, Edna, Karen, George, Lin, Mary, Don and Fred, you all know how to get things done and are a joy and treasure to plan and work beside.

I'll see you all at the Wetumpka Health Care Forum Tuesday and Thursday, July 7th and 9th. At the meeting on the 7th we will discuss our notes of the 4th, plan our next event and work on the March on Washington DC, September 12, 2009

For Liberty,

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